Virtual Shooting Range

Spacecraft Space Crafts

Tuesday, July 30 - 2:00 PM

Jun 4

Shaving Cream Sun Paper: Make a marbled paper sun and learn about sunspots and solar flares.


Jul 2

Abstract Planets: Learn about abstract art, listen to Gustav Holst's "Planets" and make some cool planets.

Jun 11

Pastel Aurora: Make your own aurora borealis (Northern Lights) with oil pastels.


Jul 9

Name Rockets: Send your name to the stars and learn about Newton's Laws.

Jun 18

Crayon Resist Galaxies: Use crayon and watercolor to make galaxies that really pop.


Jul 16

Be an Astronaut: Picture yourself in space with this self-portrait activity that also teaches about the science of space suits. 

Jun 25

Constellation Sewing: Learn about how people see shapes in the stars and make some constellations of your own.


Jul 23

Planetary Poetry: Make haikus and learn about how we take pictures of far-off planets.


Jul 30

Foil-Printed Moon: Use foil stamps to make your own moon, complete with craters. 



216 Hartford Ave SE
Canton, OH 44707
Event Type
Children / Teen


Stark Library

Date / Time

Tuesday, July 30, 2019
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


DeHoff Memorial
(330) 452-9014
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